Statement Of Purpose

Practice Information

The name and address of the registered provider is:

Parcliffe Medical Centre
St. Annes Health Centre
Durham Avenue
St. Annes

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  • Registered Manager: Dr. Aaliya Aziz
  • Practice Manager: Mrs. Susan Bryne

The surgery was purpose-built in 2010 in central St. Annes with large onsite parking.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 Part 4), the registering body (The Clifton Medical Practice) is required to provide to the Care Quality Commission a statement of purpose.

Parcliffe Medical Centre was born out of the merger of Park Medical Practice and Clifton Medical Practice in January 2019. We aim to provide a high standard of Primary Care Services to our population. We take pride in offering care to all patients without discrimination.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a high standard of Medical Care
  • Be committed to our patients needs
  • Act with integrity and complete confidentiality
  • Be courteous, approachable, friendly and accommodating
  • Ensure safe and effective services and environment
  • To improve as a patient-centred service through decision-making and communication
  • To maintain our motivated and skilled work teams
  • Through monitoring and auditing continue to improve our healthcare services
  • Maintain high quality of care through continuous learning and training
  • Guide our employees in accordance with diversity and equality
  • Ensure effective and robust information governance systems
  • Treat all patients and staff with dignity, respect and honesty
  • Ensure that every individual is treated fairly and without discrimination
  • Ensure that every person will receive equal treatment regardless of race, gender, disability
  • To involve patients in decision making about their care
  • To work together with local organisations to enable the provision of appropriate care for our registered patients
  • To provide traditional and forward thinking health care
  • To work with our Neighbouring Practices to provide joint care and facilities for all local patients to their benefit and to provide efficiency in health care
  • Our purpose is to provide people registered with the practice with personal health care of high quality and to seek continuous improvement on the health status of the Practice population overall. We aim to achieve this by developing and maintaining a happy sound Practice which is responsive to people’s needs and expectations and which reflects whenever possible the latest advances in Primary Health Care.

The Primary Health Care Team

The 4 Partners:

  • Dr Aaliya Aziz 
  • Dr Meenakshi Varia
  • Dr Sarfaraz Adam
  • Dr Andrea Tumminaro 

Advanced Practitioner: Tracey Ingham

Primary Care Practitioner: Phil Strange 

Practice Nurses

  • Tracy Bromilow
  • Margaret Champion
  • Gil Williams
  • Jess Gardiner
  • Nicola Finnegan
  • Heather Hardy

Health Care Assistants

  • Joanne
  • Anita
  • Melissa

The Health Care Assistants have appointment sessions for venepuncture, blood pressure and pulse measurements, as well as ECGs and healthy living screening. 

Practice Managers

  • Susan Bryne: Practice Manager
  • Chris Tarn: Assistant Practice Manger

Practice Staff

The Reception team man the Practice Reception areas in the Health Centre, arrange various appointments, pass on information to patients (such as blood results), explain our services and answer the telephone lines.

The Medicines Management team produce patient repeat prescriptions, respond to medication enquiries (via the Reception team) and amend patient medications based on hospital correspondence.

The Secretaries are able to answer patient enquiries concerning communications between the Practice and other agencies, e.g. Hospitals.

The Administrative team is responsible for updating and summarising patients’ medical records, for organising the appointment system on the computer and undertaking regular audits of our achievements, operating a recall system for patients when appropriate.

Each team has a full knowledge of the services the Practice has to offer.

All members of the staff are happy to assist you with any enquiries.

The Practice

Our boundary extends towards Blackpool as far as Harrowside and Highfield Road, Blackpool South Shore, and beyond Lytham as far as Lodge Lane. A map showing the boundaries can be seen in the Surgery and on the Practice website, via the “contact us” page.

Home Visits

The Home Visit Team comprises of our GPs, Advanced Practitioner and Primary Care Practitioners. Our Primary Care Practitioners are qualified Paramedics who have a wealth of experience is attending to patients in acute situations. Home visits are reserved for those patients who are housebound, ie, unable to leave the house at all to attend hospital appointments or social arrangements. In order for these visits to be made promptly, we ask that requests for this service are made before 10.00am. We ask that wherever possible patients attend the Surgery. This enables patients to be seen sooner, to be seen in surroundings that offer appropriate facilities for treatment. 

Out of Hours

Our out of hours service provider is the 111 service who will assess the need for clinical intervention and advise on the best course of treatment. If needed, clinical care is given by a fully qualified team of Doctors working for Fylde Coast Medical Services (FCMS). Patients should always telephone 111 if they feel that this service is necessary. It is available between 6.00pm – 8am Monday to Friday and 6.00pm Friday until 8am Monday. It also covers all Public Bank Holidays.

There is a patient Walk-in Centre at 150-158 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool that is open Monday to Saturday, 8.00am to 9.00am and Sundays and Bank Holidays from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

All contacts with these services are reported back to the Practice the following working day.

Booking Appointments

Parcliffe Medical Centre is able to offer the following appointments;

  • Access Online appointments: available 24, 48 hours, 7 and 14 days in advance.
  • MyGP app appointments: as above.
  • Emergency appointments: provided by our GP Oncall.
  • Routine appointments: bookable on the day
  • Routine appointments: prebookable 

The most efficient way to book your appointment is by signing up to Patient Access. Appointments are made available throughout a 24 hour period. A ‘pin’ letter is required from the Practice to register for this services.

Alternatively, Patients should ring the Medical Centre between 8am and 6pm. The telephone lines are understandably busy at 8am and we use all four lines into the Practice, answering calls as fast as we possibly can. 

The telephone number for booking appointments is 01253 955688. We always do our best to accommodate patient wishes and if a patient needs to be seen urgently and there is a clinical need, we will always see them on that day.

Doctor surgeries run Monday to Friday at various times between until 5pm. At GP is always on the premises and available if necessary until 6.00pm. Telephone consultations are also available every day.

Routine appointments are available to book with Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

If necessary, an Advocate and/or Translator can be booked in advance.


We make it our aim to process prescription requests  with within two working days, however it is advisable to request your repeat prescription five working days prior to requiring it.

Requests can be made using the right-hand, white side of the last prescription issued and dropping it into the box in the foyer. Patients are asked to make certain they tick the medication they require. A prescription order form from Reception can also be used if the original white side is not available. Requests can also be made by post, posting it to us with an enclosed stamped addressed envelope if we are to post it back.

Please be aware, we do not accept prescription requests over the telephone.

Local Pharmacies also provide an ordering (for vulnerable patients only) and collection service.

Our patients are now also able to order repeat medication through our website as for appointments.

The Regulated Activities under CQC

General medical services and routine medical checks involving an holistic approach.

Management of Chronic Disease

This encompasses a wide range of conditions which require long term treatment and care. Our priority is to ensure this care is ongoing and appropriate. To this end, we shall endeavour to review patients’ medication on an annual basis. Diabetic, Stroke, CHD, COPD and Asthma reviews are regularly performed in the Practice as required throughout the year and in accordance with NICE guidelines. Should you require such monitoring you will be invited for your annual review in the month of your birth.

General Nursing Care

Our nurses provide, contraceptive services, minor illness care and advice, smoking cessation advice, well person checks, new patient checks, venepuncture, blood pressure monitoring and NHS travel advice; they also perform vaccinations and smear tests.

Maternity Services

Midwife clinics are held weekly at the Surgery. 

Cervical Screening

This service is provided by our Practice Nurses who trained in cytology.

Family Planning and Contraceptive Services

This is provided by Doctors and Nurses. Nurses are able to provide follow-up contraception monitoring for all methods initiated by the Doctor. We do not provide an implant service or the insertion of IUD’s, however, there is a Family Planning clinic held weekly in the Health Centre where these services are provided.

We also carry out testing for Chlamydia where appropriate. Please ask for advice and information. 

Child Health Surveillance

Baby clinics are held bimonthly Dr Aziz and Dr Adam.

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Parcliffe Medical Centre strongly supports the childhood immunisation programme. All routine childhood immunisations are performed at the surgery by our Practice Nurses who have a special interest in baby and childhood vaccinations. Our Childhood Immunisation Programme Administrator manages our appointments and is regularly on hand to answer your questions.

The Practice also offers vaccinations for young adults against measles if they are not protected.

Vaccination against whooping cough is also offered to pregnant women and new mothers.

Patients aged 70, 78 and 79 can also be vaccinated against shingles.

The Practice offers all ‘at risk’ patients and those over 65 the seasonal influenza vaccine from September to January every year and also vaccination against pneumonia.

Well Person Checks and NHS Health Checks

These are carried out by the Practice Nurses supported by the Health Care Assistants.

Joint Injections

Therapeutic joint injections are carried out by Dr. Adam and Dr Varia.

Access to Patient Information

All patient information is considered to be confidential and we comply fully with the new GDPR Act. All employees have access to this information in relation to their role and have signed a confidentiality agreement. Information may be shared, in confidence, with other NHS organisations in the interests of patient care.

Confidential patient data will be shared within the healthcare team at the Practice and with other healthcare professionals to whom a patient is referred. Those individuals have a professional and contractual duty of confidentiality.

Confidential and identifiable information relating to patients will not be disclosed to other individuals without their explicit consent, unless it is a matter of life and death or there is a serious risk to the health and safety of the patient or it is overwhelmingly in the public interest to do so.

In these circumstances the minimum identifiable information that is necessary to serve a legal purpose may be revealed to another individual who has a legal requirement to access the data for the given purpose. That individual will also have a professional and/or contractual duty of confidentiality. Data will otherwise be anonymised if possible before disclosure if this would serve the purpose for which it is required.

The Practice Caldicott Guardians are Dr. Aziz and Antonia Phillips. The Information Governance lead is Antonia Phillips.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients have a right to expect a high standard of care from our Practice and we will try at all times to provide the very best care possible within the resources available.

In order to assist us in this we require that patients take full responsibility for ensuring that they do not abuse the service. For example, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that they keep medical appointments and follow the medical advice given. In addition, if a medical problem is complicated, or patients have more than one problem to discuss with the Doctor, we would suggest that patients consider making more than one appointment. We ask patients to remember that their appointment is for them alone and the Doctor will not be able to give medical advice to anyone accompanying them unless they have made a separate appointment.

Very occasionally a Practice/Patient relationship breaks down completely. Before this situation is reached, with the agreement of a GP, the Practice will record three incidents of concern using a zero-tolerance report sheet. These reports will be held separately from the patient medical record. In the event of an eventual breakdown, the patient may then choose to register with a different Practice. The Practice also has the right to remove that patient from their list. This would only follow warnings that had failed to remedy the situation and we would normally give the patient a specific reason for the removal.

You have the right to express a preference of practitioner when you make an appointment.

Violent Patients – Zero Tolerance

The NHS operates a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to violence and abuse and the Practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect in order to safeguard Practice staff, patients and other persons.

Violence in this context includes actual or threatened physical violence or verbal abuse which leads to fear for a person’s safety.

In this situation we are obliged to notify the patient in writing of their removal from the list and record in the patient’s medical records the fact of the removal and circumstances leading to it.

We will notify the NCG Area Team who is then responsible for providing further medical care for such patients.

Comments, Suggestions and Complaints

We welcome comments and suggestions on our service.  If we fail to provide the highest care possible, we ask that any observations are made known to our Practice Manager who will, where appropriate, use our complaints procedure to try to correct the problem.

Our complaints procedure meets national criteria and patients can obtain a copy of it from Reception. We aim to acknowledge a complaint within 3 working days and look into it within 10 working days of the date that it’s raised. We will find out what happened and what went wrong, make it possible for the patient to discuss the problem with those concerned if they would like this, make sure the patient receives an apology where this is appropriate and identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again. If a patient is still unhappy about the response, they also have the right to take the matter to the Ombudsman within 12 months.

General Information

Access to Health Records

The Data Protection Act allows patients to find out what information is held on computer. This applies to health records. If a patient wishes to see their records we ask that they complete an Subject Access Request form. The patient will then be required to register for Online services to enable them to access their records. The Practice Manger is able to explain this procedure if there are any problems.


A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help. This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, substance misuse or disability. Anyone can become a carer. Carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be of any age.

We ask that patients inform our Reception staff if they are a carer or are cared for by another person. This will alert us to possible needs in this role. Within our Admin Team we have an appointed Carers’ Lead, Lynne. Lynne is able to provide information, advice and often, just a listening ear! Please contact Lynne if you have an concerns or questions relating to being a carer. Please also keep an eye out for information on our noticeboards.

Information on Carers Point! can be found on the n | compass website or patients can telephone Lorraine Morris on: 01253 362145.

Change of personal details

Patients are asked to notify the Practice as soon as possible of any change of name, address or telephone number; not forgetting to indicate all the persons involved in this change. In an emergency this could be absolutely vital. You can do this in person, by post or online through our website.


If a patient requests that a chaperone is present at a consultation or procedure, we will arrange for our Health Care Assistant or Nurse to be present during the examination.


We ask patients for personal information in order that they receive appropriate care and treatment. This information is recorded on a computer; consequently, we are registered under the Data Protection Act.

The Practice will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times, by all members of the Practice team. However, for the effective functioning of a multi-disciplinary team, which is what we are, it is sometimes necessary that medical information is shared with other members of the team.

Because Reception is sited in a public area, we will provide a separate interview room if a patient needs some privacy to discuss something with us. This can be requested at Reception at the time it is needed.

Patient Participation Group

Parcliffe Medical Centre  is committed to continually improve our services by learning from and listening to our patients.

We are lucky enough to have a Patient Participation Group who  offer their support, guidance, life and career experience to assist Parcliffe in building a bridge between Medical Centre and Patients. 

Our members meet regularly to discuss matters concerning Parcliffe.